The #Dorner #LAPD Story is Tragic, Scary, Terrifying, and Oh-So-Meta

I’m back. Yes, it’s been awhile. The holidays. New Years in New Orleans. Lotsa work post-acquisition. Blah, blah, blah. No excuses, back to blogging.

Anyway, this Dorner story is fascinating. it’s tragic, scary, and terrifying, but it’s also a fascinating example of how news propagates through our new media network of Twitter, blogs, and traditional outlets like CNN. I’m curating all of the activity online with a Storify that I’ll be updating regularly and attempting to provide a balanced perspective.

But… what’s even more interesting is observing how information flows across the new media landscape. Here’s how I experienced the story today:

  1. Heard on NPR that there was a manhunt for a former LAPD officer who had killed another...

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